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image-101704-443545-6 mold inspection.jpg?1426619767910
(pictures to the left)
Mold Damage from a decor company.The container on the far left was left open during shipment from overseas and all boxes were wet with mold. Each item was removed and tested.
image-200035-MYERS CT MANAGEMENT W D MOLD 026.jpg?1426626387377
Wallpaper makes a great host for mold

image-180357-brett fontana 004.jpg?1426627831582

They did not realize that the refrigerator was leaking
image-180354-brett fontana 003.jpg?1426627890930

Vacant house and mold grew on the wall
image-194285-bacteria mushroom.jpg?1426627939273

Bacteria mushroom growing on carpet from animal urine

uncleand and unmaintained shower
image-200047-wood mold 004.jpg?1426628099834
wood mold that grew in a closet behind a dresser

image-200049-magnon pics 007.jpg?1426628296117
mold from a hot water leak, this grew within 48 hours
image-200054-mold pics corona yellow stone 104.jpg?1426628442624
Mold growth under kitchen cabinets from leaky faucet